InstaFire presents Spring Fishing and Hiking!

InstaFire presents Spring Fishing and Hiking!

Spring Fishing and Hiking

Various parts of the US and around the world experience what is called Ice Off or Ice Out Fishing. This is where the ice melts during the spring and the fish come closer to shore.  The fish are very hungry from being in the deep water with not so much food during the winter. This can be a thrill with potential of many fish being caught. Usually this ice off/ice out time period is about 1-2 weeks or so around your state depending upon the elevation of your lakes and rivers. google ice off or google ice out with your state.

For example: we are in Utah so we google: ice off utah

Do same with your state or location. Then you can see when/where you can fish this short and exciting occasion. Usually it's between March and May depending upon where you live and what elevation of the lake/river. 

InstaFire presents ice off or ice out fishing

This can be some of the best fishing you'll ever experience during what is called "Ice Out" or "Ice Off" It's a very short time however usually 1-2 weeks. However you can extend this by going to higher elevation lakes/rivers. Consult your state department of natural resources. To find quickly: Google it or your use your favorite search engine like Bing for example.

InstaFire presents spring hiking tips

Hiking to your favorite fishing spot?

Maybe it's been many months since your last hiking trip. Here are some refresher tips!

  • Tell friends and family where and when you are going.
  • It's still very cold out in parts of US so keep that in mind and pack accordingly
  • Compass
  • Map
  • Test out your hiking shoes and skills on a short hike like 15-30 minutes to know you are ready to venture further. I'm from Utah and there are plenty of foothills to do this safely and yet test out my hiking shoes/boots and gear!!
  • Sunglasses perhaps
  • Backpack for the longer hikes
  • Plenty of water
  • Visit your local camping store like REI for most of your gear like water containers, etc.
  • Visit our website for all your fire starting needs including inferno stove, plasma lighter, and our many other products we manufacture.

InstaFire presents river flowing through mountains


This video is a bit crazy!! Someone had a broken phone and thinks they can catch a fish with it!! it's only 3 minutes to watch. do ya think he actually caught a fish??

Stock up on your InstaFire products like our Fire StarterCharcoal Starter Packs, Inferno Biomass Stove, Cross-Fire Plasma Lighter for your next hiking, camping, or fishing trip! Like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts say: "Be Prepared!"

Happy to help.

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