2 Gallon 2 Bags of Fires Emergency Fuel and Fire Starter Plus 30 Packs for Wood Burning Stove/Fireplace

2 Gallon Fire Starter Plus 30 Packs for Wood Burning Stove/Fireplace



(250 Fire Starts / $.14 per Fire Start)

Instafire can be used as a fire starter or a complete fuel to cook with or to heat your shelter. Fire for warmth and cooking is one of the most important needs in an emergency situation. Have you ever wondered how you are going to boil water or cook your food or heat your shelter in an emergency without power? Instafire Emergency Fuel solves this problem.

  • 2 Gallon Bucket Fire Starter for Your Fireplace/Wood Burning Stove at Regular Price (Can be used for campfires, grilling too in winter, spring, summer, fall)




  • Backpacking Fire Starter Packs

    (120 Fire Starts / $.26 per Fire Start)

    Ideal for backpacking, InstaFire™ weighs in at only 1.75 oz per pouch (which starts 4 fires). The InstaFire™ Fire Starter Packs start fires instantly in any weather. As seen on Shark Tank, our InstaFire Fire Starter is the backpackers dream fire starter. It will be your go-to fire starting tool in almost any condition. Whether you need a fire for warmth or to cook food after a long day on the trail, InstaFire is the quickest, safest, and easiest way to start a fire. It's safe for any adventure you can dream up, and it's also non-toxic, natural and safe to store near food.


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