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Inferno Stove plus 2 Bags of Fire (Project Warmth)

InstaFire® Bio-mass Stove
A Stove Designed With You in Mind
This beautifully designed rugged stove combines science, safety, technology and efficiency to create a one of a kind outdoor experience. You can cook meals more efficiently and faster than you ever thought possible. Here's the best part, it is the first biomass-fueled stove where you can control the heat with a USB controller from 425 degrees up to 1500 degrees. This means you can avoid burning the food or under cooking it.
What Makes the Inferno Stove Unique?
Thanks to its double wall construction and high-heat vortex effect, the Inferno can easily reach temperatures of 1500 degrees!
Oxygen Feeds the Flames - Small ventilation holes in the lower sides of the stove feed the flames from below while forcing heated oxygen up through the stove. The heated air is then fed directly through the top holes creating a second combustion. The result is highly concentrated temperatures, smoke free fire, and less fuel used for each meal.
Pressure from the Fan Circulates the Air - When the fan is on, a pressure differential is created between the two chambers creating a vortex right inside the stove. Warm air travels up the sides of the stove in a swirling motion to the top holes which provide a secondary burn. This scientific air movement is what creates the wizardry of the “Inferno stove.”
High Heat With USB Fan - A high powered fan at the bottom of the stove gives you heat control for meals that are not burnt or undercooked! No other naturalbiomass/wood burning stove does this!
Grip Pot Holders - The potholders are perfectly suited to grip anything so you can avoid spills - from a frying pan to the steel mug for your morning coffee. The pot holders fold compactly into the stove to allow the Inferno to be easily transported anywhere.
Power and Fuel
Use any Fuel Source! - The Inferno consumes any biomass fuel including pine cones, sticks, leaves, bark, and of course InstaFire®. The stove comes with a 3 pack of InstaFire® for free, but you can upgrade to a larger amount of InstaFire®. 

Portability and Storage  

The Inferno was engineered to accompany you on your adventures wherever they may be. The feet and pot holders fold right into the stove and fit into the carrying case that comes with the stove.

Made with Strength & Durability in Mind - coated in anodized titanium and crafted with high quality stainless steel, your stove allows for maximum heat resistance on the outer surface. This creates the Inferno’s handsome slate design and gives the stove longevity of life.

Bag of Fire


Insta-Fire Fire-Logs are made from recycled, renewable hickory sawdust (no extra trees are cut down).  Our goal is to save 2 million trees within the next 5 years.  Insta-Fire Fire-Logs are manufactured under tight quality control to ensure the moisture content is reduced to 4-6% vs. 25 – 30% in our competitors logs.  This manufacturing process ensures that the Fire-Logs produce a fire that lights quicker, burns hotter, more efficient and cleaner than cordwood. Insta-Fire Fire-Logs also produce less than 1% ash (with virtually no creosote emissions) which makes clean up very easy.

This KILN DRIED hickory sawdust is gathered from the manufacturing process of axe & hammer handles and is repurposed to create our incredible log rather than filling the landfills with the leftover sawdust. Most experts understand that the lower the moisture content, the easier the log will light and maintain the burn. The reason our log burns so well is because the fibers of a Kiln dried sawdust are not filled with moisture thus creating more oxygen around the

fibers allowing it to burn cleaner, more efficient, and hotter than the same log that is not kiln dried. The discharge of sparks is caused by the moisture expanding within a log as they are heated. Our logs are so dry - they are virtually spark free!

The Insta-Fire Fire-log creates an enhanced environmentally friendly log. After the Insta-Fire Fire-Log is spent, the ashes create a nitrogen rich “natural fertilizer” that can be used in your garden, houseplants or simple put back out into nature.

You can cook with the Insta-Fire Fire-log unlike 95% of the manufactured logs that are sold in the market. We are certified by USDA that you can cook over!

The set of logs will burn for over an hour.  Once the flame is gone you will have hot coals for another hour to hour and half.  Roasting hot dogs, hamburgers and marsh-mellows have never been easier and more enjoyable all with that great hickory smell!


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