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Inferno Stove + 2 Gallons Fire Starter + 4PCS Hickory Log (Project Warmth Special Offer)



Weighs only 2 lbs and 2 oz. Adjustable feet and pot holders fold right into the stove and fit into the carrying case that accompanies the stove

Coated in anodized titanium and crafted with high quality stainless steel, the InstaFire Inferno camping cooking stove allows for maximum heat resistance on the outer surface

Thanks to its double wall construction and high-heat vortex effect, the Inferno can easily reach temperatures of 1500 degrees

Using any fuel source, the Inferno consumes any biomass fuel including paper, twigs, leaves, pellets, wood, wood chips, pine cones and, of course, InstaFire fire starter. The Inferno makes a perfect emergency stove

High heat with a super powered USB controlled fan at the bottom of the stove gives ultimate heat control for meals that are not burnt or under cooked

To those of us in the factory – this is considered our best kept secret. When we go to the great outdoors – this is what we use.  Have you ever gone into a store, saw a dented box or container or a scuffed label and picked up the “pretty box” next to it. The other one would be our factory 2nd. There are several other things that could also be considered a factory 2nd.

1. When we clean our machines a build up of product is left in the mixers. Because they have gone through several batches they will have extra oils and wax and thus burns longer and hotter than factory firsts – just not as pretty. The product is in chunks and perfect for fire starting or as an emergency fuel.

2. The labels got put on crooked or creases in the labels and thus didn’t’ pass final inspection to go to a retail outlet.

3. Outdated labels or containers – but still our NEW great product inside.

4. Dented or scuffed container or label.

5. A combination of some or all of these. They still have the full warranty just at a cheaper price because we can’t sell them at our retail outlets. Know that most of the cosmetic flaws are minor and you will be very happy with the product – if you can stand a scratch or two.


Start an easy, foolproof fire every time. Made from kiln dried Hickory and infused with InstaFire, the InstaFire Fire-Log lights with ease and produces a clean burn that is easier to maintain. Perfect for outdoor or indoor firewood use

Cooking over the fire has never been so safe. Its non-toxic formula means you can confidently use it with any food preparation. Using kiln-dried hickory means no sparks or popping like wood. The Fire-Log is the only USDA certified manufactured log which makes it safe to carry across state lines

Reducing the amount of industry waste sent to landfills, InstaFire Fire-Logs are created from byproduct smoky-sweet Hickory sawdust. InstaFire has a goal to save 2 million trees through this intentional re-purposing. As a bonus, the Fire-Log acts as a natural fertilizer and aeration factor when ash is added to soil
Fire-Log produces a higher BTU output than cordwood. Interior air pockets create space for more oxygen to mingle with flames and thus producing a hotter and more robust fire

4 InstaFire Fire-Logs, 1 InstaFire Fire Starter pouch and dried kindling. Everything you need for the perfect, instant fire

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