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Inferno Survival Stove

  • The Inferno Survival Stove by InstaFire® 

    The InstaFire® survival stove and fuel are made to help you survive off the land in any situation. The stove uses natural fuels like pine cones, twigs, leaves and even animal dung. It is rugged and built so you can cook and survive regardless of the conditions. It has one burner, is compact and light weight so you can take it with you to a shelter, and boils water in 3 minutes or less. It comes with a 3 pack of InstaFire® all-weather fuel free or you can upgrade to the 2 gallon, or 5 gallon emergency fuel.

    Read more about the science behind the InstaFire® survival prepper stove and fuel below. This stove is a must have to make it through any survival situation.


More about the InstaFire® Survival Stove

A Survival Stove Designed With You in Mind

This rugged survival stove combines nature and science. It will burn anything yet is the only stove on the market with a temperature control to cook meals quickly and efficiently in even the toughest survival situation. 

What Makes the Inferno Survival Stove Unique?

It is the only wood burning survival stove that burns anything and has a heat controller. It can reach temperatures of up to 1500° F. Air moves up and down the stove using a vortex affect. Look at the infographic below to see more info on how it works.


What's the Secret to its Efficiency? - Oxygen! The controller forces oxygen throughout the stove through vents on its side-reinforced panels. The more oxygen, the hotter it gets. Air is fed through the vents (as seen above) which creates a "second combustion" and more heat. This is ideal for conserving energy and fuel for survival. You end up with high, concentrated temperatures, smoke free fire, and efficiently cooked meals. 

Science and Technology - survivalists need a stove that uses technology and nature to live off the land. Remember, the stove burns pine cones, wood, biomass material and even animal droppings. An InstaFire® 3 Pack comes free with the stove. However, if you upgrade to the 5 gallon pack, you will have enough fuel for up to 625 meals (that's 7 months of meals at 3 meals a day). 

Grip Pot Holders and Fold-in Feet - The potholders and feet can be folded into the stove for easy transport to or from your shelter.

Power and Fuel

Use wood or any natural fuel Source! - See the chart below for ideas of what the stove will burn. Remember, you can also use any kind of animal dung.
The Heat Controller works with any type of USB battery Since it's made with a standard USB connection, it can run on any type of battery pack you may have.

Quality and Durability 

The InstaFire® Inferno Survival Stove is made for durability with the highest-quality materials. Just like the InstaFire® fuel, it will last easily for 30+ years. It is tough enough for the harshest of conditions. (Learn more below.)

 InstaFire Inferno Bio-mass Stove Specs

Our Story

As seen on TV's hit show Shark Tank, founders Frank and Konel and introduced InstaFire® through TV to the world just a few years ago. Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban invested into the company, and now, they are making survival stoves and other high quality fire and cooking products.

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