2-Weeks Survival in a Pail + Emergency Fuel and Fire Starter


Have you ever wondered how you will cook your food in an emergency?  This provides that. 

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2 Week Survival in a Pail Kit


When disaster hits, you’ve got two options: evacuate in a hurry or hunker down for the long haul. In either case, the number one item you’ll want by your side is the 2-Week Survival in a Pail kit.

  • It’s one of the only emergency kits versatile enough for modern disasters, with quality items for sheltering in place and surviving on the go. And it’s just as easy to carry as it is to store.
  • It comes with the FEMA-recommended two-week supply of food, a bag-to-bag filter for two months of water, and lifesaving supplies for warmth. 
  • It’s made to last. With a 25-year shelf life you can put it away and rest easy knowing when disaster comes, you have a safety net.

*Shelf life up to 25 years when unopened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.



  • 3 pouches Cheesy Broccoli Rice
  • 3 pouches Creamy Chicken- Flavored Rice
  • 2 pouches Spanish Rice
  • 1 pouch Fettuccine Alfredo


  • 2 pouches Hearty Vegetable Chicken-Flavored Soup
  • 2 pouches Creamy Potato Soup


  • 1 pouch Banana Chips


  • 2 pouches Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal


  • 2 pouches High-Protein Chocolate Meal Shake
  • 1 pouch High-Protein Vanilla Meal Shake


  • 3 Fire Disks
  • 1 WaterBasics Bag-to-Bag Water Filter
  • 1 Stove
  • 1 Pot & Lid
  • 1 Box of Matches
  • 1 Emergency Reflective Sleeping Bag


Quality Survival Standards (QSSS): Certified QSS

Calories - Per Person Per Day: 2,017

Protein - Per Person Per Day: 52 grams

Calories: 28,240

Protein : 726 grams

Food Duration: 2 weeks

No. of People Served: 1 person

Servings: 131

Shelf Life: Up to 25 years*

Approx. Water Needed to Rehydrate Food: 6 gallons

Quantity: 19 pouches

Varieties: 10


Brand: Emergency Essentials®

Nutritional Information: Nut free

Processing Method: Dehydrated

Container Type: Pail

Stackable Container: Yes

Approx. Net Weight: 15 lbs 4.13 oz (6.92 kg)

Dimensions: 12.5" x 12.5" x 18.98"

Approx. Shipping Weight: 21 lbs (9.53 kg)

Shipping Dimensions: 12.81" x 12.81" x 20"



    Instafire can be used as a fire starter or a complete fuel to cook with or to heat your shelter. Fire for warmth and cooking is one of the most important needs in an emergency situation. Have you ever wondered how you are going to boil water or cook your food or heat your shelter in an emergency without power? Instafire Emergency Fuel solves this problem.

  • Versatile and easy-to-use granulated fire starter keeps you prepared for living in the wilderness
  • Provides fuel for boiling water, cooking meals, starting signal fires
  • Works on wet wood and burns in all types of weather
  • Made from recycled wood, volcanic rock and a patented blend of food-grade paraffin wax
  • Safe-to-store, nonvolatile formula comes in durable 5-gallon container with shelf life of 30 years

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