Instafire Inferno Stove with 3 packs of Fire Starter
Instafire Inferno Stove with 8 packs of Fire Starter
Instafire Inferno Stove with 30 packs of Fire Starter
InstaFire Stove Burning Wood
InstaFire Stove Boiling Specs
InstaFire Stove In Action
InstaFire Stove Quality Materials and Dimensions
InstaFire Stove Top View
InstaFire Stove Flames
InstaFire Stove Bottom View

INFERNO® Biomass Stove + Fire Starter Packets (3 Pack)

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Inferno Combo Packs
  • Controlled Flame = More Like Cooking at Home: Adjust temps from 425ºF to 1,200ºF
  • Cooks Much Quicker Than Fire: Hits 1,200ºF in minutes
  • Find Your Fuel Along the Trail: Runs on twigs, leaves, sticks and more
  • Fuel with Instafire: For even faster, hotter startup (and stays lit in 30 MPH winds!)
  • USB-Powered Fan: Gives more control, uses less fuel, and smoke-free