Factory Seconds 4 Gallon Emergency Fire and Fuel Bucket

  • Factory Seconds (quantities are limited & may include scratched, damaged or old labels or buckets, labels on crooked, some compressed chunks of Insta-Fire included in the container etc.) This is what the factory guys love to use when camping as it is the best value but is not sold in retail stores because of cosmetic issue. Most of seconds are from when we clean out the machines and have extra paraffin & oils and are not as uniform in appearance but will actually burn longer than our regular great product line. If perfect cosmetics doesn’t mean that much to you, but works as good or better than factory firsts – then this is your best deal!)
  • Q. What is a “Factory 2nd” InstaFire?

    A. To those of us in the factory – this is considered our best kept secret. When we go to the great outdoors – this is what we use.  Have you ever gone into a store, saw a dented box or container or a scuffed label and picked up the “pretty box” next to it. The other one would be our factory 2nd. There are several other things that could also be considered a factory 2nd. 1. When we clean our machines a build up of product is left in the mixers. Because they have gone through several batches they will have extra oils and wax and thus burns longer and hotter than factory firsts – just not as pretty. The product is in chunks and perfect for fire starting or as an emergency fuel. 2. The labels got put on crooked or creases in the labels and thus didn’t’ pass final inspection to go to a retail outlet. 3. Outdated labels or containers – but still our NEW great product inside. 4. Dented or scuffed container or label. 5. A combination of some or all of these. They still have the full warranty just at a cheaper price because we can’t sell them at our retail outlets. Know that most of the cosmetic flaws are minor and you will be very happy with the product – if you can stand a scratch or two.

Insta-Fire is the manufacture of the safest and best fire starter / emergency fuel / charcoal briquette lighter on the market.



  • Instafire can be used as a fire starter or a complete fuel to cook with or to heat your shelter. Fire for warmth and cooking is one of the most important needs in an emergency situation. Have you ever wondered how you are going to boil water or cook your food or heat your shelter in an emergency without power? Instafire Emergency Fuel solves this problem.

Note: Always let ashes cool before adding to compost.

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