Fire Starter Buckets

Charcoal Starter is Safe on Food
$ 29.99

Our InstaFire Fire Starters is the natural outdoorsman's fire starter. Whether you are starting a fire while backpacking, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, in your fireplace or fire pit, or even to store for your own emergency preparedness plan, Instafire is even safe to store near food.  InstaFire is your go-to fire starting tool in almost any condition. It's also very lightweight. 

Each pouch weighs only 1.75 oz and has enough product for up to 4 fires (depending on how wet and small your wood is).

Fire Starter features:

  • Lights wet wood (Burns up to 1000 degrees)
  • NON-TOXIC: made from environmentally friendly ingredients* (safe near food!)
  • Lights in mutiple weather conditions (snow, light rain, sleet, semi-high winds)
  • Sustains winds up to 20-30MPH once lit
  • Lights wet  or dry wood easily