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Outdoor Cooking Stove

  • The Inferno Outdoor Cooking Stove by InstaFire® 

    The InstaFire® outdoor cooking stove is a dream come true for anyone who cooks in the outdoors. It combines a USB temperature control which can achieve temperatures from 425° - 1500° F. You can simmer or boil, cleanup is easy and the stove is portable. The stove also burns wood as well as any type of biomass material (pine cones, wood, twigs, and leaves). Right now, it comes free with three of our InstaFire® fire starter packs (as seen on Shark Tank). For a great outdoor cooking experience, order your Inferno Stove now!


More about the InstaFire® Inferno Outdoor Cooking Stove

An Outdoor Stove Designed With You in Mind

This rugged outdoor cooking stove combines science, nature and a really cool USB temperature control to give you an amazing outdoor experience. Cook meals quickly and efficiently. With the temperature control, you can simmer your food or get it boiling fast. Just add more wood and turn up the air flow!

What Makes the Inferno Outdoor Stove Unique?

It is the only outdoor cooking stove that has a heat controller. It also combines Science and technology to reach temperatures up to 1500°. It uses a vortex affect with air flow moving up and down the stove to accomplish this feat.

What's the Secret? - Oxygen! The USB temp controller forces oxygen up through the stove through specially placed vents. The more air, the hotter it gets. Air is fed in and out of the vents in the side wall creating a "second combustion" and more heat. The result is highly concentrated temperatures, smoke free fire, and food cooked just how you like it. 

Cool USB Technology - Who wouldn't want an outdoor stove that uses technology and nature for a great cooking experience. Remember, this stove burns wood, biomass material and, if you want a great fire experience - InstaFire® comes with the stove. (See more about InstaFire® below.)

Grip Pot Holders and Fold-in Feet - The high-grip potholders and feet can be folded into the stove for easy transport with camp supplies or in a pack.

Power and Fuel

Use wood or any fuel Source! - See the chart below for what the stove will burn. Remember, it also comes with InstaFire®. Did you know that InstaFire® floats on water, withstands 30 MPH winds, and can even burn on your hand (Important: don't try this at home).
The USB Heat Controller will work with any USB battery! Since it's made with a universal USB, it can take any battery pack you may have.

Quality and Craftsmanship 

The InstaFire® Inferno outdoor cooking stove is made with the highest-quality materials and is made to last through the years. It is rugged enough for even the most intense adventures. (See specs below.)

 InstaFire Inferno Bio-mass Stove Specs

Our Story

As seen on Shark Tank, founders Frank and Konel and first introduced InstaFire® to the world through TV just a few short years ago. Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban invested into the company. Now, they are making wood burning stoves and the most quality products you can imagine related to fires and outdoor cooking.