How to light a fire in the wind!

How to light a fire in the wind!

Wind is one of the biggest obstacles you must overcome to get a good fire going.  There are a few ways to do this.  

Precaution:  If you have windy conditions take every precaution to avoid having embers start a fire downwind.  It may be better to wait until the wind dies down so you can have a safe fire.  

If you have Instafire you will be way ahead of the “flatlanders” as Instafire will handle the wind once it is lit.

light fire wind near rocks or a building to shield

Obtain a windbreak if possible

This may be around the side of a hill, mountain, building or next to a large rock.


If you cannot get out of the wind totally then try one of the following:

logs and trench shielding wind to start a fire

A.    Dig a trench about a foot deep and 6 to 8” wide allowing the trench to act as the windbreak.

  1. Place Instafire in the bottom of the trench and light with a match or a lighter.  If you can’t dig a trench then place your largest log inside the firepit and start your fire on the opposite side of the way the wind is blowing thus creating a windbreak.  Don’t worry Instafire can handle up to 30 mph wind after it's lit.
  2. Take Instafire and place it next to the large log (place other pieces of wood leaning against the large log angled down to the ground over top of the lit Instafire making sure you do not smother the fire).  Slowly add larger branches ensuring lots of oxygen to the fire.
  3. If you do not have Instafire you will need to start with the smallest dry sticks or twigs that you can find and place them at the base of the fire.  Once the tiny twigs are lit then slowly add more and more in a crisscrossing fashion ensuring you give the fire plenty of oxygen.


how to start a fire when wind is present

B. Place a large split log with the large portion blocking the wind.  Place Instafire at the very tip of the split log and light.  Once it is lit wait about 10 seconds then give InstaFire a slight stir.  This will light more of the Instafire and insure a great fire.  Place another smaller split log on top of the larger log at a 90 degree angle with one end resting on the ground and at an angle directly over the fire.  The closer you can get to the tip of split log directly over the fire the better.  (Note:  if you do not have Instafire you will have to put very small twigs against the split log and light at the very bottom as heat rises – then slowly feed the fire increasing in kindling size as the fire permits – make sure you do NOT smother the fire as it needs lots of oxygen).


build a lean to fire when there is wind

C. Build a lean-to fire – this is done by driving a ¾ to 1 1/2 “ diameter stick at a 30-degree angle as shown below.  Then placing Instafire at the base where you drove the stick into the ground.  Then place small sticks against the larger stick as shown.  (Remember the base stick points in the direction the wind is blowing – this will help protect against the wind)

That is how we do it in the mountains even in the dead of winter

That’s how we do it in the mountains even in the dead of winter.

Note:  Instafire will burn long enough and hot enough to dry out wet wood or start 2” sized split logs or smaller.

Stay dry and happy even in wind!