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Frank Weston President

Why he loves InstaFire!

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extremely safe

no unexpected flare ups • no harmful chemicals • safe to store anywhere, even near food

Environmentally Friendly

compact • lightweight • water proof pouch • Floats and burns on water snow and ice • Leftover ash is a natural fertilizer

burns up to 1000° F

lights wet wood • long burn time • withstands 30 mph winds


"Instafire saved our lives! Snowmobiling up here in Canada ... one of the sleds got stuck in blizzard conditions.  We were in trouble.  ... We tried everything we could think of to get a fire going.  We even talked of burning the seats of the sleds to have a fire. I remembered my brother in law had given me some of your product.  We put it right on the snow shielded the wind, lit it, then broke off some dead limbs for the fuel. Instafire stayed lit, and kept us warm for a couple of hours while we waited out the storm.  Thanks for such an awesome product that saved us."

Sam Glenn

I have access to virtually every fire starter known to man through the Canadian Military but I have never found one that has all of the properties of this one.  Our troops can cook an MRE or we can start another fire in even the worst of conditions, and we see them all.  Out in the field many times we don’t know who the enemy is and if we hear a noise, we have to be able to put the fire out fast.  With Instafire we can be cooking our meal and if need be simply suffocate the fire and it is out with no smoke.  

William B. – Canadian Special Forces

“This is a great product — I've seen it cook a full hot breakfast of sausage, hashbrowns, eggs, and tortillas using nothing but Insta-Fire as the heat source in the middle of winter in a parking lot. In preparing for a disaster — I recommend Insta-Fire as on of the top 50 items to be put in a emergency "grab and go bag" 

Maralin Y. Hoff " Earthquake Lady" Division of Homeland Security

When we have the major earthquake in Utah we will be without power for at least 5 months. This is a great heat source that is controllable I will now put this in all of my presentations to store for the inevitable disasters that are coming.

Tim Wolfe — Disaster Advisor to President Reagan

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