The Unstoppable Flame

Wind, water, snow - No match for Instafire!

Stays Lit in Harsh Conditions

Withstands 30-MPH winds

Lights Anywhere

Lights on damp ground, snow...even standing water

Burns Stronger, Stays Longer

1,000º flame lasts 10–15 minutes

As Seen In

Upgrade Your Fire with InstaFire!

Light a Fire

Keep a Fire Burning

Fire Accessories

Our Customers Love Us

“[In a blizzard] we tried everything we could think of to get a fire going. InstaFire kept us warm while we waited out the storm. It saved us in a very bad situation.”

Sam Glenn

“I have access to virtually every fire starter known to man through the Canadian Military but I have never found one that has all of the properties of InstaFire.”

William B.

Canadian Special Forces

“I've seen it cook a full hot breakfast using nothing but InstaFire in the middle of winter in a parking lot. I recommend InstaFire as one of the top 50 items for an emergency 'grab-and-go bag.'"

Maralin Y. Hoff

"Earthquake Lady", Division of Homeland Security

“A great heat source that is controllable. I will now put this in all of my presentations to store for the inevitable disasters that are coming.”

Tim Wolfe

Disaster Advisor to President Reagan

“[I was lost] and a scoop of your product started a fire that held through most of the night. It goes far beyond being dependable. It turned me into a customer for life."

Ryan M.

"Look, this product burns on the snow! I think I am the first one to cook a hotdog sitting in a chair in the snow. This stuff is amazing!"

H. Kent Rappleye

IDOS (International Dutch Oven Society) President