The Stars Are Better Company Anyway

The Stars Are Better Company Anyway

Anyone else ever feel that way?

You know, a bit of rejuvenation by yourself under the stars? Sometimes, a night alone under a starry sky is the best kind of therapy you can get.

That said...

Sometimes, the hassle of setting up camp and double-checking (again) that you have all the supplies you need can distract from your solo solitude with the stars.

Before you sit back and soak up nature's stunning, cinematic display, get everything in order ahead of time—including having a fire roaring and ready.

Hassle-Free Fire-Starting in Seconds

To make a fire with InstaFire Fire Starter, all you need to do is pour a pouchful onto a stack of wood, light it with a match or lighter, and enjoy the warmth of The Unstoppable Flame.

Wind, rain, snow, or shine, you can count on InstaFire's fire-starting products. They're easy to light, burn for minutes to hours (depending on the product), and are safe to use for cooking food and keeping warm.

Don't let the distractions interrupt your outdoor experience. With InstaFire, we'll make sure that doesn't happen—not on our watch!