How To Use

There are as many ways to use InstaFire as there are reasons to start a fire. Here are some of the most common.


InstaFire is the camper's best friend. With no pop and almost no smoke, it's perfect for lounging around the campfire. It could also save your life in a wilderness emergency!

How to Use Your Instafire Fire Starter


How to Use Your InstaFire Charcoal Starter



How to Use InstaFire Camping in the Summer

Konel Banner shows us how to light charcoal briquettes, wet wood, and even light fire on water.


How to Use InstaFire Camping in the Winter

Konel shows us how to light a fire directly on the wet snow–something other kindling and fire starters could never do!


With a shelf life of twenty five years, InstaFire is the first choice for many a serious prepper. It stores for decades in its water-proof pouch or industrial-grade bucket.

Storing InstaFire as an Emergency Fuel


There are lots of fire starters out there, but none of them holds a candle to InstaFire. Because it doesn't pop or crack, and because it lets off a mellow pine scent instead of smoke, InstaFire is hands down the best indoor fire starter on the market.

Product Comparison: Best Product for Everyday Heating

This video compares some of the leading fire starters with InstaFire. NOTICE THE WARNING LABEL on a leading competitor.


Got a grill? Instafire is the best way to light charcoal fast. We guarantee that Instafire will light up your briquettes on the first try, every time...without the lighter fluid smell. Yuck!

Lighting Charcoal with No Lighter Fluid

See how to light your charcoal grill with no flare-ups, no harmful chemicals, and no danger or smell of lighter fluid. 

Learn More–Watch the Videos Below

Lighting Charcoal in Charcoal Chimney


How to Resolve a Few Common Issues


Video We Used in Costco


Starting a Log Cabin Type Fire


Starting a Lean-To Fire


Lighting Charcoal in the Park