Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven
Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven
Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven
Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven
Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven
Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven
Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven
Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven
Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven

Ember Off-Grid Biomass Oven

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Bake Without Electricity—Indoors AND Outdoors!

The FIRST OF ITS KIND, the Ember Oven lets you bake safely indoors and outdoors completely off-grid - all you need is BIOMASS (like sticks, twigs & leaves). That means you can enjoy hot meals wherever and whenever you want without securing traditional fuels. Instead, trust mother nature to power your Ember and keep you fed. 

Paired with its TRANSPORTABLE and EASY-TO-USE design, the Ember is a game changer for emergencies and outdoor excursions alike.

  • The ONLY Indoor-Safe, Off-Grid Oven: Pair with InstaFire Canned Heat+ for safe indoor baking completely off-grid. 
  • Fuel with Biomass Around Your Home: From leaves in your yard to wood chips, twigs, and charcoal, the Ember can run on almost any biomass material for easy OUTDOOR baking. (Burning biomass in the Ember Oven will produce smoke.)
  • Convection Baking = Great Food: “Camp baking” doesn’t have to mean bad baking. The Ember uses patent-pending convection heating to give you evenly baked food—just like your oven at home.
  • Take It Anywhere: Made of cold-rolled steel fused with aluminum for an amazingly lightweight design, the Ember is compact and easy to carry. Pair with the Ember Oven Carrying Case for ultimate comfort and safety when transporting. Sold separately.
  • So Easy, Anyone Can Use It: With precise controls and a functional design, the Ember is easy to use. If you can operate your oven at home, you can use the Ember.

How Does the Ember Bake So Well Off-Grid?

Unlike other ovens, the Ember can bake using many types of off-grid biomass fuels because of its patent-pending heat-boosting design. 

  • Two-Layer Burn Chimney: Increases oxygen flow, capturing almost ALL of the heat from even a small flame.
  • Heat Distribution Manifold: The chimney efficiently transfers heat to the oven chamber where a unique, patent-pending distribution manifold circulates it evenly.
  • Convection Oven Chamber: A specially designed baking surface creates airflow that ensures no burned tops or gooey middles in your baked foods!
  • Oven-Opening Dimensions: 5" Tall x 11" Wide
  • Convection (Oven) Chamber Dimensions: 5" Tall x 11 3/4" Wide x 8" Deep
  • Can reach temperatures as high as  550°F


  • Do you sell pans for the Ember Oven? We do not currently sell pans for the Ember Oven.
  • How long does it take the oven to get up to temperature? It will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes for the Ember Oven to preheat to the desired temperature.
  • How do you control the temperature when using biomass material?
    • Choose Your Biomass Material - The type of biomass used will help determine how much heat is generated. For example, sticks and twigs will burn quickly and produce a lot of heat quickly. However, they also burn out quickly. Charcoal briquettes require more time to get up to temperature but will give a more steady and long-term heat.
    • Adjust the Air-Control Knob - Simply twist the Air-Control Knob on the front of the oven to adjust the temperature. This knob opens and closes an Oxygen Intake Vent adjusting the amount of oxygen in the oven. Turn the knob right to let more oxygen into the oven and increase the temperature. Turn the knob left to reduce the oxygen in the oven and lower the temperature.
    • Open or Close the Rear Vent - The Rear Vent is another way to increase or reduce oxygen inside the Ember Oven. Open the Rear Vent to let in more oxygen and increase the temperature. Close the Rear Vent to reduce the oxygen and lower the temperature.
  • How do you control the temperature when using canned heat?
    • Cap One Can of Heat - To lower or maintain your desired temperature, use provided tools to snuff out the front can of canned heat and then cap.
    • Light a Can of Heat - If the temperature drops, you may need to relight the front can of canned heat for a little while to bring it back up to the desired temperature.

Download the Instruction Manual for the InstaFire Ember Oven


Warning: For your safety, when baking indoors with your Ember Oven, we recommend ONLY USING INSTAFIRE CANNED HEAT+. Biomass fuels (twigs, leaves, InstaFire Fire Starter, wood chips, paper, charcoal, etc.) are for outdoor use only with the Ember Oven.