How to Make a Dakota Fire Pit aka Stealth Fire

How to Make a Dakota Fire Pit aka Stealth Fire

March 22, 2019

How to Make a Dakota Fire Pit

I dug 2 holes with an interconnecting tunnel. This was my first time learning and building this. Highly recommend a Dakota Fire even if going for a short time if you can. It's so simple and amazing at the same time.

There are several advantages to creating a Dakota Fire Pit.

1. Less fuel. that is less wood and instafire needed to create and keep the fire going.

2. I was able to blow indirectly via the tunnel to "fan" the fire to get it going much faster without getting smoke, embers, whatever in your eyes, nose.

3. Can be used as a "Stealth Fire" to be more low key with not so much smoke compared to a fire above ground.

4. Less of a footprint compared to above ground

5. Safer in that the fire tends to stay right at the bottom of hole

6. I think this would be great for windy/breezy days to get your fire going easily compared to above ground.

Lastly the InstaFire Fire Starter made it super easy to get this fire going very quickly.