"This stuff - whatever it is - could start a fire in a monsoon, it is simply amazing!!"

Today we received a very special note from one of our customers. It's notes like the one below that re-enforces the reasons why we come to work and do our best to deliver you, our customers, the best product we can. 
Thank you to all our customers and a special thanks to Jeff H. and his son for the nice email. 
      You supplied us with a case of Instafire for our trip down the Mississippi.  We began our trip on Monday, May 1st.  To start our trip (the day before actually) we had a dead battery, flat time, broken windshield, saw momma bear and 3 cubs in the park where we camped, unexpected low low temperatures, broken tent, and a kayak cart with missing parts.  We still got in the headwaters of the Mississippi River - because our Veterans pain is so much worse than this.
      Why am I telling you this?? Last night we were hit with a thunderstorm and hail - we pitched the (new) tent quickly for cover.  My son (purple heart recipient) has the responsibility of the campfire.  His comment to me last night was - this "stuff" whatever it is could start a fire in a monsoon, it is simply amazing!!
      Your are certainly a bright (and warm) part of our trip.  We want you to know how impressed we are with your product. . . we just didnt want to wait until we finished.
thank you again!
If you wish to donate to the Warrior 180 Foundation please visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kayak4veterans