Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

One of the most important items in any survival or emergency kit is Insta-Fire.  Insta-Fire is a necessity because it can help you in a variety of ways and function in nearly any type of climate, providing you with protection you need while outdoors.

Insta-Fire is ideal to pack for any outdoor trip, including camping, skiing and hunting trips.  It will simplify the process of making a fire, and you’ll never want to make another fire without it.

In order for your survival kit to have any type of worth, it will be vital have the tools needed to make a fire. Depending on the climate you are in, it may be tough to make  one.  Luckily, Insta-Fire can help, as it will allow you to create a fire while it’s raining, snowy or windy, and it can even light and burn on water.

In addition to survival kits, Insta-Fire is an invaluable feature in many other kits.  For 72-hour kits, it helps campers or hikers in their food preparation endeavors, making the process of starting a fire, boiling water or cooking food a seamless task. 

Also, it can be a perfect item to have in emergency roadside kits; stick it in your truck, and if you’re ever in a precarious situation, you’ll at least know you have what you need to start a fire.

Lastly, Insta-Fire is non-toxic, making it a wonderful item for emergency preparedness kits.  Whether you have an “in case of emergency kit” at home, in your car or at some other place, sticking Insta-Fire in there could be your saving grace during a strenuous ordeal.

Survival Kits, Every survival kit needs a means to start a fire even in extreme conditions such as rain, snow or high winds.  InstaFire will even float and burn on water, showing how water resistant it is.  If you are in survival mode, the last thing you need to worry about is how to get your fire going.  InstaFire will burn at nearly 1000 degrees so it will boil water quickly, cook your food, or heat your shelter (as with any fire, make sure you have proper ventilation).

72 hour kits, Bug out bags, grab and go bags - whatever you call them - every kit needs a means to start a fire, boil water, or cook your food. 72 hours is 3 full days, so be prepared.  The single use pouch or 3 pack are perfect for these kits as we use mylar to pack them in.  Mylar is a very rugged material and will take abuse.  It is also a waterproof pouch and will last for 30 years or longer.  Just put it in your kit and forget about it, knowing you will have fire in an emergency.

Home Storage, get prepared and be self reliant with a 3 month supply of food storage, but don’t forget a means to cook that food.  InstaFire has up to 5 years shelf life, and will always be ready to cook a meal even in an emergency.  InstaFire is so safe, it can be stored anywhere, including your basement next to your food as it has no harmful chemical to taint your food and is non combustible.

Emergency roadside - in case your car breaks down, have InstaFire in your trunk so you can be prepared to have a fire and stay warm and dry. 

Emergency Preparedness - whether you are a Doomsday Prepper or one who just wants to be prepared in case of an emergency - you will need a way to cook your food and heat your shelter.  InstaFire is so safe and non toxic you can store it right next to your food.  There is no leaching (where your food takes on the taste of your fuel) so your food will not take on the taste of the fuel.

Emergency Cooking - have you ever wondered how to cook in an emergency or how to stay warm if the power goes out?  It could be months before power is restored after a disaster.  InstaFire was used in some of the worst disasters such as cooking rice in Haiti after the earthquake and the after math of Tsunamis and Tornadoes, Ice Storms and other power outages.  It is safe to store, even near food, and has a shelf life of up to 5 years.