Everyone's Raving About Instafire!

See first-hand how Instafire is saving lives and winning awards–and why our customers choose it over any other fire starter.


Winner: Wired Magazine's Best Fire Starter of 2017, 2020

"You definitely don't need a fire starter to light your campfire, but if you're dealing with wet wood or extreme conditions, it can sure make the process a lot easier. After researching 20 starters and burning five of them, we found that Instafire's Fire Starter pouches are the best tool for getting a fire going. The material lights quickly, burns hotter than anything else we tested, and stays lit for long enough to get a fire roaring."

Nick Guy
Wired Staff


A "Top 50" Grab-and-Go Bag Item

"This is a great product. I've seen it cook a full hot breakfast of sausage, hashbrowns, eggs, and tortillas using nothing but Instafire as the heat source in the middle of winter in a parking lot. In preparing for a disaster, I  recommend Instafire as one of the top 50 items to be put in an emergency "grab-and-go bag."

Maralin Y. Hoff "Earthquake Lady"
Division of Homeland Security


I Was Lost. Instafire Held Me Through the Night.

"I got turned around relying on trails I had never used before and found myself in a situation where I was unsure of my location. Several attempts to start fire conventional ways did not work for me–the ground was too damp and my fires eventually drew themselves cold. I was concerned for my safety as it was getting cold and I had no fire. I had exhausted sunlight with my solar starter and used most all my matches in a haste to start one.

"While going through my supplies, in the bottom of my bag was a baggie of your Instafire. It was nothing more than a scoop of your product in a sandwich bag, I had no directions, just a whim in a bag with a ton of desperation!

"I put it in a pile and it lit to a slow flame, which I originally assumed meant it was expired or drawing cold. I applied some tinder I had, and your product took it right up. The 20 to 25 minutes of flame it provided allowed me to get the firewood dry enough to hold through most of the night.

"Having been an avid camper for years, there are very few products I have found to be dependable and reliable. Instafire goes far beyond being dependable. Your product [significantly] improved my level of comfort and safety and turned me into a customer for life."

Ryan M.
Instafire Customer


We Were Stuck in a Blizzard. Instafire Saved Us.

"I belong to a snowmobile club in Canada. We were out on a ride with several others in the party. We went down into a ravine and one of the sleds got stuck.
" As we were trying to get the sled out, a blizzard came up. We were in trouble. We coudn't see to get our safely. We tried everything we could think of to get a fire going. We even talked of burning the seats of the sleds to have a fire.
"I remembered my brother-in-law had given me some of your product in a baggy. We tamped down the snow to create a base, shielded the wind, lit it, and broke off some dead limbs. In the driving wind and snow, Instafire stayed lit, got the other wood going, and kept us warm for a couple of hours while we waited out the storm.
"Thanks for such an awesome product that saved us in a very bad situation."

Sam Glenn
Instafire Customer


Great Source of Controllable Heat

"When we have the major earthquake in Utah, we will be without power for at least five months. This is a great heat source that is controllable. I will now put this in all of my presentations to store for the inevitable disasters that are coming."

Tim Wolfe
Disaster Advisor to President Reagan


Of All the Fire Starters I Have Access to in the Military, Instafire is the Best

"I have access to virtually every fire starter known to man through the Canadian military, but I have never found one that has all of the properties of this. Our troops can cook an MRE or we can start another fire in even the worst of conditions–and we see them all.
"Out in the field many times we don't know who the enemy is and if we hear a noise, we have to be able to put the fire out fast. With Instafire, we can be cooking our meal and if needs be, simply suffocate the fire and it is out with no smoke."

William B.
Canadian Special Forces


Instafire Cooked a Hotdog in the Snow. Amazing!

"Look, this product burns on the snow. I think I am the first one to cook a hotdog sitting in a chair in the snow. This stuff is amazing!"

H. Kent Rappleye
DOS (International Dutch Oven Society) President


I Felt Like a Caveman Seeing Fire for the First Time

"I saw Instafire for the first time on Thanksgiving Day while shooting skeet on a cold morning in Utah. I thought this stuff was kitty litter and when it was lit, I was mesmerized by its diverse capacities.
"It's an easy-to-light, even flame throughout with a longevity fo actual fire. Also, it's great storing capacity of over 30 years. This is an amazing product. I feel like a caveman seeing fire for the first time."

Ed Palubinskas
NBA Shooting Coach