Starting any fire. How to build a fire using InstaFire – 1 match, 1 second = fire

  • Use InstaFire in your fireplace, wood stove or fire pit. Just pour into a pile and light it, then place wood over the top
  • Lighting and drying wet wood.  Burning at nearly 1000 degrees, InstaFire will dry out and light wet wood
  • Lighting a campfire has never been so easy.  Pour out pouch, light it, place dead wood over the top

Lighting Charcoal Briquettes.

  • Use with a charcoal chimney and no ash blowing away when you dump the coals
  • Use it to start your charcoal in your grill like your Weber or Charbroil up to 75 briquettes using either one pouch or 3/4 cup of Instafire
  • Instafire has no harmful chemicals, so use it with your Big Green Egg, Primo or
  • Kamado Joe type ceramic grills
  • Use it to light briquettes using an outdoor grill at the park

Using InstaFire as a self standing fire to cook with.

  • 1 cup will burn for 20 to 30 min. with periodic stirring.

Where InstaFire can be Used

  • Camping, use InstaFire to light a campfire even in extreme conditions such as rain, snow and wind.
  • RV-ing, using InstaFire to light a relaxing fire every morning & night, every RV needs a bucket of InstaFire.
  • Backpacking, either for day use or a just in case you need a fire, InstaFire will be there to save you.
  • Snow shoeing, don’t get stuck out in the snow with out means to start a fire, just in case.
  • Hunting, every hunter needs a fire to tell stories around.
  • Hiking, another just in case, no one can predict what will happen during a hiking trip.
  • Fishing, InstaFire is just as important as a fishing pole.
  • ATV-ing more important than a helmet, InstaFire can get a fire going when your wheeler dies.
  • Snowmobiles Always have InstaFire in your snowmobile its not if but when on a snowmobile.
  • Cross/back country skiing, it is a must, don’t get stuck with out means for a fire.
  • Survival Kits, Every survival kit needs means to start a fire.
  • 72 hour kits, bug out bag or grab and go bag, whatever you call it, every kit needs means to start a fire. 72 hours is 3 full days.
  • Boating, boaters love to get off in the sand and have a fire, InstaFire will dry out wet wood.
  • Scouting, whether you are a cub or Venture boy scout, InstaFire is the safest fire starter out there.
  • Dutch Oven Cooking, Light up to 75 charcoal briquettes at a time with InstaFire.
  • Outdoor Grilling, InstaFire will get your charcoal briquettes going 75 in 7 minutes.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces, InstaFire will get the fireplace lit instantly and safely.
  • Backyard fire pits, if you can strike a match you can light a fire with Instafire.
  • Home Storage, perhaps you have purchased a 3 month food storage, but don’t forget a means to cook it, InstaFire has an up to 25 years shelf life, and is safe to store even near food.
  • Motorcycles, whether your on a Harley or just out for a day ride take a pack with you just in case.
  • Emergency roadside in case your car breaks down, have InstaFire in your trunk so you can have a fire.
  • Moto-cross, if you’re out riding the bikes have some InstaFire in case you need it or stop for lunch.

Preparing for Disasters

Experts believe that if a major disaster occurs we could be without electricity or natural gas for 5 months or longer. Unfortunately disasters occur all over the world, sometimes when we least expect it. As we learned from Hurricane Katrina and many others, Government assistance is at least 96 + hours away. Fuel is an often overlooked item when preparing for a disaster, but a critical one. Fire is in the top 5 items needed in an Emergency.  Fuel is a must to boil water, cook your food, heat your shelter, help make medicine or sterile medical devices & boost morale. Listed below are several fuel options:

Fuel Storage Guidelines - listed below are several options

In an emergency you will most likely need to boil water, cook your food and heat your shelter. Proper ventilation is always necessary. Listed below are several fuel alternatives.






One cup of InstaFire will boil 2 cups of water in 10 minutes. It will light 75 charcoal briquettes in 10 minutes. It will also provide enough fuel to cook even the toughest of meals. It can also be used as a stand alone fire with 1 cup burning for approximately 20 to 30 minutes with occasional stirring. It is available in a variety of storage containers including 2 gallon bucket, 5 gallon bucket and 55 gallon drums. Long term storage is estimated at up to 25 years.


Raw, dry wood is a very good source of fuel especially when used in conjunction with InstaFire. Wood often becomes wet and unusable in a disaster. (Click here to see how to use InstaFire to light even wet wood). In rural areas wood may be readily available at a relatively low cost. Local permits may be necessary. In urban areas wood may not be as readily available and storage areas are limited. Be cautious when burning “used” wood that has a finish on it i.e. furniture & flooring, as it may contain deadly toxins.


Most propane & butane containers have a “use by date” and therefore are not recommended for long term storage. An additional propane heater or stove is required. Storage restrictions generally apply due to its explosive nature. Check with your local fire department for storage restrictions in your area.

Kerosene/Heating oil

As with propane, a variety of storage tanks are used. Kerosene and Heating oil are good sources of heat for heating your shelter but generally not used for cooking. Also, as with other fuels i.e. propane and gasoline, storage restrictions may apply. Check with your local fire department for storage restrictions in your area.


Coal can be good source of heat and can be stored for a long period of time if kept dry. Generally messy to store, must be kept dry, proper ventilation is a must and can be hard to light unless used with InstaFire. Charcoal briquettes are a good source of fuel to cook but because it omits carbon monoxide it must be used outdoors. (Click below for a demonstration to light charcoal briquettes)