How does the InstaFire Inferno Stove perform at an Elevation of 8435 Feet?

Frank Weston camping with InstaFire Inferno Stove

InstaFire Inferno Stove

Instafire recently began to offer the Inferno Camp stove as part of the summer line-up for the outdoor and camping, backpacking industry.  As one of the owners of Insta-Fire I knew I had to test the stove before I could get behind it and begin to offer it.

Up to the Mountains! (Elevation 8435 Feet)

So, over the labor day weekend I had a chance to take it to the mountain, and really run the stove through the paces.  First I took the stove, and set it out, hooked the battery pack to the rheostat and plugged in the stove. I added a quarter of a bag of Instafire brand Fire Starter and dropped in a match.  

Fire leaped from the mouth of the stove like an Olympic high jumper!

Then I added two pinecones, and it wasn’t long before the fire leaped from the mouth of the stove like an Olympic high jumper. I turned the knob of the reostat and heard the fan come to life. As the oxygen fed the flame, I could feel the heat from the stove on my face.

With the stove on high, I wanted to test how long it would take to boil ice cold water. 

I retrieved a 20-ounce bottle of water from my ice chest, that had been sitting in the ice for two days. The water was cold, crisp, and delicious.  I poured the contents of the bottle into a small pot, and placed the pot without a lid onto the stove. I had my phone out and I started the timer, to see exactly how long it would take to boil the 20 ounces of water without a lid.  At the two minute mark, steam was visible and rising from the pot.

It was about this time, that I added two more small pinecones.  As the pinecones dropped as the base of the stove, they burst into flames from the intense heat of the stove.

Now, there were bubbles forming at the bottom of the pot, and starting to break loose and come to the top. At three minutes and 30 seconds, a small rolling boil was visible in the pot. The water temperature was roughly 210°.

Keep in mind, that the elevation where I was camping was 8435 feet above sea level.

At three minutes and 50 seconds, I had a full rolling boil in the bottom of the pot. The inferno camp stove boiled water faster than my Kelly Kettle, using less fuel!  

I began to think of all the scenarios that I would encounter that would require boiling water in less than four minutes.  The main ones I could really see is that first thing in the morning when all you want is a quick cup of coffee or a few boiled eggs for that hike that everyone wants to go on at the last minute!  :-)

I next tested the stove, cooking 24 ounces of baked beans. I dumped out the water, threw in three more pinecones, opened my beans, put them in the pot, and placed the pot on the stove.

Right away, I knew I had too much heat, so again, I turn the knob on the Rheostat, and the fan slowed almost in half. The flame inside the stove went from a white-hot tornado to a more feathery, orange flame. 

Now at the time, I had two steaks on a charcoal grill,  about half done.  I knew that putting the beans on now would probably have the dinner all completed at the same time.  I was in for a shocker, as about 45 seconds later, my beans started to boil. 

Another quick turn of the rheostat and I turned the fan almost completely off. Now, the flame inside the stove more or less danced inside the chamber. The top of the flame just barely licking the bottom of my pot. My beans continued to boil, stirring them frequently was of no help. I knew the steaks had better get done fast.  But as you all know, cooking steaks on a charcoal grill, you don’t go fast. So I had to take the pot off the stove, until the steaks were done, and then heat up the beans for the dinner. 

All in all, I am very impressed with the Inferno stove, I know I sound biased, but with our patented rheostat, and instafire technology, combined with the inferno camp stove, I know we’ve hit a home run with the bases loaded.  

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Warmest Regards,

Frank Weston