Emergency Fuel Buckets

Charcoal Starter is Safe on Food
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Fire is only superseded as a must have item in any emergency situation by clean air, water and shelter. You can get to food if you are hydrated, warm and able to breathe.  Have you ever wondered how you are going to boil water or cook your food or heat your shelter in an emergency without power? Instafire Emergency Fuel solves this problem.  

Our Emergency Fuel Buckets contain enough Instafire to cook about 80 meals.  

It can be stored virtually anywhere, including your basement or storage room.  It also can be stored right next to food without your food taking on the taste of your fuel (leaching).  Place it in one pile and make sure your pot or pan is elevated approximately one to 3 inches above the flame.  1 cup will burn for 20 – 30 minutes with occasional stirring.


  • Lights wet wood (Burns at 1000 degrees)
  • 1 cup of Instafire will boil 4 cups of water in about 10 minutes
  • Water resistant in harsh weather conditions
  • 3 second light time
  • Sustains winds up to 20-30MPH once lit
  • Safe to store near food