Ferro Rod
Ferro Rod
Ferro Rod
Ferro Rod
Ferro Rod

Ferro Rod

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Bigger IS Better—Lights Thousands of Fires!

You don’t have to be a mountain man to create a spark or build a fire. All you need is this extra-large ferrocerium rod. It starts quicker, burns hotter, and makes easy kindling of just about anything remotely flammable.

  • Extra thick: ½” diameter x 5” long
  • Creates a spark even when wet
  • Casts larger, hotter sparks — as hot as 5,000° F
  • Wind/element/altitude resistant
  • Durable, multi-use paracord attached for easy carry and bushcraft
  • Great option for weekend warriors and serious outdoor enthusiasts

Cover ALL Your Fire-Starting Needs–Lights 650 Fires!

Biomass Stove + Instaflame

For a flame that lights quicker, heats faster, and keeps on burning even in harsh conditions use Instaflame as the go-to fuel in your Biomass Stove.

Perfectly Cooked, Everytime

Adjust temps from 425° F to 1200° F. Cook quickly without burning or undercooking.

Light, Collapsible, and Durable

Cold-pressed stainless steel with protective, foldable anodized titanium legs.

How It Works: Vortex Technology™

Product Details

Materials Cold-pressed stainless steel, anodized titanium
Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 9.5" H x 6.28" W
Brand Instafire

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