Inferno Outdoor Biomass Stove

$ 139.99

$ 169.00

The Inferno Biomass stove, with its unique vortex technology, takes outdoor cooking to a whole new level. Our stove is specifically designed with you in mind to be a portable companion for the backyard, a campground, or even a remote mountain top.

This beautifully designed stove combines science, safety, and efficiency to create a one of a kind outdoor experience. It also is the first all purpose biomass-fueled stove that you can control the heat with a USB powered fan from 425 degrees up to 1500 degrees.

Stove features:

  • Boils water in up to 3 minutes (with Fire Starter Packs)
  • Reaches temperatures up to 1500° F
  • Double walled design and vent holes create second burn for maximum fire efficiency
  • Built in Fan powered by USB portable battery (not included
  • (Four free packs of Instafire Fire Starter included) 

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