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InstaFire magnesium fire starter
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InstaFire Magnesium Fire Starter

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Mother Nature is tough. You need a fire starter that's tougher.

That's why every campsite, hiking pack, cabin, and glove compartment needs at least one InstaFire Magnesium Fire Starter.

  • Produces a flame of 5,400° F (2982° C)
  • Generates enough shavings to ignite hundreds of fires
  • Comes with a ferrocerium strip and striker for ignition
  • Compact design fits on a keychain for easy portability
  • Starts fires even in wet conditions

InstaFire Magnesium Fire Starter is also super easy to use:

    1. Prepare Fire Site: Collect dry tinder and wood.
    2. Ignite: Shave magnesium from block onto fire site.
    3. Spark: Strike ferrocerium plate to ignite magnesium.

    California Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-